Passion for the forest, for a sustainable future and the satisfaction of our customers
Forest operations, wood recovery, supplying of wood chips and logs
Massoni P&M
Massoni P&M has been operating in the forestry sector and wood trade since 1976. Since then, it has constantly invested in new technologies becoming one of the largest forestry company in the Italian market.
The company distinguishes itself by its ability to cover, on a large-scale and with its own resources, all the steps of the forest-wood supply chain: from the forest management to the delivery of the product.
Growing up with the activity, Massoni P&M has been committed to improving the quality of the production process, increasing work safety, avoiding the waste of resources and minimizing the impact on the environment.
According to this principle, the company guarantees the quality of its work with the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, and with sustainable forest management PEFC certification for the chain of custody.

Massoni P&M
standing trees
throughout Italy
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Massoni P&M has been producing wood chips since 1985 and has been one of the first companies in Italy to get into its production
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We provide logs of poplar, pine, douglas fir and other species ...
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Massoni P.E.M. S.r.l.
Via di Sottomonte, 160
55060 Guamo Lucca

P. iva 00410040463

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Certified company
Iso 9001 n° cert.IT245520
Iso14001 n° cert.IT245033/UK

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