maximum reliability in the delivery service

For Massoni P&M it is essential that deliveries take place on time and according to the customer’s needs. We have equipped ourselves with a fleet of over 20 vehicles, in order to have full control of logistics and carry out even the most demanding supplies.

The branched presence of Massoni P&M on the national territory, with various supply points and logistics centres, is a guarantee for the customer, who will not suffer shortages of raw materials in the event of prolonged periods of bad weather.

Our logistic organization and achieved production volumes allow us to make deliveries also by sea.

Why you should choose Massoni P&M

Our dislocation on the territory guarantees the observance of the delivery times and the quality of the product

Our range of over 20 vehicles allows us to carry out even the most demanding deliveries

We can also deliver wood chips in large volumes by ship

Do you have to carry out a forest intervention?


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