on wooded areas damaged by adversity

Phytosanitary interventions are represented by all those operations that have the purpose of managing and recovering topsoils affected by biotic and abiotic adversities, such as parasites, tornadoes and fires.

In all these cases the trees are unsafe or overlapping, and constitute a serious danger for the operators in charge of cutting.

The availability of modern machines allows these interventions to be carried out in absolute safety, both for the operators and for the topsoil itself.

Thanks to the use of harvesters, it is in fact possible to eliminate dry or diseased trees in a timely manner, safeguarding the rest of the topsoil that is still healthy.

Why you should choose Massoni P&M

The intervention sites are monitored regularly to ensure that all operations are carried out correctly

The speed of action allows large surfaces to be reclaimed in a short time, so as to limit the expansion of tree diseases.

We recover all the residual biomass deriving from forest cuts in order to mitigate the fire risk

Do you have to carry out a forest intervention?


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