for river safety

The maintenance landscaping around the riverbeds has the purpose of renewing the riparian vegetation located on the banks of the watercourses.

In fact, it is necessary to intervene periodically with thinning cuts to reduce the tree biomass located in the most critical sections of the rivers, to reduce the hydrogeological risk.
Massoni P&M, in collaboration with forestry technicians distributed throughout the country, promotes the implementation of projects for the safety of the rivers in central-northern Italy, managing in some cases to carry out the cutting intervention at “zero cost” for the contracting entity.

In the processing phase, the voluminous trees with a high risk of falling are removed, while the younger and more flexible vegetation is kept.

Why you should choose Massoni P&M

We have compact machines suitable for thinning and heavy models for cutting old and bulky plants.

Mechanization makes it possible to reduce the cost of the intervention so as to make it economically feasible.

The experience of the staff allows us to intervene in a punctual, precise manner, avoiding damaging the residual plants

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